Hatha Yoga, Basic Yoga

【Basic Yoga】 Basic class to get a foundation in the most common poses. 【Hatha Yoga】 Practice basic and fundamental yoga poses and pranayama(breathing exercises)


Hi, I’m Eriko
Since I started yoga, I have felt healthier in both body and mind. The best way to make yoga more effective for you is to practice regularly.
Please come and join our yoga classes!

“Today will be the first day of the rest of your life!”




Born in Yokohama.
Bilingual yoga instructor trainer certified by Sakura yoga.
Specializing in English and medical care, working as a yoga instructor, yoga instructor trainer, yoga therapist and interpreter.
In addition to regular classes, offering bilingual classes for foreigners and one-on-one yoga therapy.
Playing a key role as an organizer of yoga events, where foreigners can participate with ease, as well as being currently in charge of the operation and simultaneous interpretation in the bilingual section at Jingu Night Yoga.
Bilingual yoga instructor certified by Sakura yoga
Principal of Serene yoga studio, Omotesando
Japanese Yoga Therapy Certified Yoga Therapist
Novice Athlete Yoga Instructor
Obtained basic life-saving training II Recognized Japan Sports Association official sports leader
Completed Anatomy Trains fascia dissection practice